Women's Adventure Fitness Boot Camp in Petaluma

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Adventure Boot Camp
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Women's Fitness Camp in Petaluma

Training, Fitness Boot Camp, Fitnes Your Certified Adventure Boot Camp Instructors


Jayme Larson                                                                                                                                                         

CPT, Level 1 Kettlebell Instuctor, ABC Instructor
Owner / Program Director                                                                                                                                                                

Jayme moved to the Valley from Pearl City Honolulu, Hawaii at age 13.His passion for sports and competition came at an early age.  He competed in Kenpo Karate where he quickly excelled to Brown Belt & advanced to Junior Instructor.  Jayme also played youth football for the Napa Saints and was a two sport athlete for the Vintage High School Crushers, competing in both Football and Wrestling.  He later went on to coach youth football for 5 years.  These experiences are where he realized his passion for sports, fitness training and helping others.  

Jayme loves spending time with Stacey and their blended family of 5 children, Alexis 18, Dylan 15, Jada 14, Tyler 9 and Reese 8.  In his free time he enjoys watching & participating in sports, particularly Football & MMA and also camping and spending time at the beach.  His favorite hobby is restoring old classic vehicles.

Jayme currently holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor & ABC Instructor while he continuously expands his knowledge of health, nutrition, and fitness. He is currently testing for certifications in S.A.Q Training, USA Track & Field and Advanced Personal Trainer.  Jayme has been a Trainer and Instructor in Petaluma for 3 years and during this time he has had the priviledge of coaching and training many individuals at all different levels of fitness to reach & exceed their personal goals.  He feels very empowered to have had the opportunity to work with clients of great physical limitations to a much greater standard of living through his expertise, as well as other clients reaching their goals of running marathons or elevating their level of competition.  Jayme is excited to have the opportunity to share his passion with the Petaluma community.


Support Staff

John Spencer Ellis has been a fitness educator for over 14 years. In this time, he has trained over 2,000 clients and 40,000 fitness professionals.

The combination of John's formal education, practical experience and fun approach to exercise, have made his camps very exciting and popular.

"John is a combination of Tony Robbins & Jack Lalanne."
- The New York Post

"I look forward to having you experience this unique fitness adventure. There is truly nothing quite like it!" - John

John has been involved with health and fitness since the age of twelve and has become one of the most diversely trained fitness professionals in the United States. He holds two bachelors degrees; one in business and the other in health science, an MBA, and a doctorate in education. He has more than fifteen certifications, which include being a certified massage therapist, plyometric instructor, self-defense instructor, fitness kick boxing instructor, water fitness instructor, exercise rehabilitation specialist, golf conditioning specialist, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, clinical hypnotherapist, master PACE circuit training instructor, and yoga instructor. John has a 2nd degree black belt in kung-fu, has completed the Ironman triathlon and finished 5th in the U.S. National Biathlon (run/bike) Championships. He has extensive training in mind-body fitness and alternative health. John is the author of "How Badly Do you Want It? - Your Ultimate Guide to Optimal Fitness," a contributor to "Power of Champions," and the Fitness Editor of OC Flair magazine. His fitness articles and interviews have been featured in over 30 publications, and he is a frequent consultant to the world's media on health, fitness and lifestyle topics.

His medical training includes being a licensed radiological technologist, certified medical assistant, and training in McKenzie rehabilitation exercises. He has worked in fitness centers, medical clinics, and has promoted sporting events in California.

In addition, John is on the Advisory Board for the American Association of Personal Trainers and is a Fellow of the National Board of Fitness Examiners. He oversees operations at his facilities; Spencer Escape Fitness Resort and Spencer Wellness Center, both located in California.

John was recently nominated for the California Community College Distinguished Alumni Award.

Each week, over one million people around the world enjoy a fitness program created by John Spencer Ellis

Christina Knapp Personal Trainer in Orange County
Kelli Calabrese, MS, CSCS is the 2007 Denton County Personal Trainer of the Year and 2004 Personal Trainer of the Year as voted by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. Kelli is an international presenter, author, personal trainer, lifestyle coach, spokesperson, women's fitness expert and 21 year wellness professional. Kelli is the Editor of Personal Fitness Professional and Wellness & Fitness Entrepreneur magazines. She is the Author of Feminine, Firm & Fit – Building A Lean Strong Body in 12 Weeks. She was the lead fitness expert for eDiets and eFitness from 2000 – 2003 and remains a guest columnist.

At the age of 22 Kelli had completed 3 Science degrees including an Associates in Biology, Bachelors with High Honors in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation. Since 1986, Kelli has acquired 23 fitness, nutrition, weight management and lifestyle consulting certifications. For 14 years she co-owned and operated a chain of 4 fitness centers (Excellence in Exercise) and managed 4 corporate centers with clients such as Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Nabisco and Beneficial Insurance. In 1991 Calabrese opened Xercise Institute, the first school for preparing candidates for the American Council on Exercise's Personal Training exams.

In 2000, Kelli began Calabrese Fitness Consulting LLC which focuses on reaching both trainers and consumers with her passion for fitness and wellness. She helps trainers grow prosperous careers through the, personal consultations, writing, editing, audio programs and at industry conferences. She reaches consumers through online training , phone coaching , magazines, TV, radio, audio programs , group training, books, Adventure Boot Camp , ipod workouts and live seminars.

She is on the advisory board for Purdue University, the Get America Fit Foundation, Exercise TV, Healthy Kids Catalog, The Body Mechanic, My Nutrition Store, Beauty & Lace and the Personal Trainer Business Association( www.PTBAonline.com ) Kelli 's clothing is sponsored by Persona and her skin care is sponsored by Motion Medica.

Kelli is the International Master Trainer for Adventure Boot Camp and prepares qualified candidates to become Adventure Boot Camp Coaches. Calabrese has been a spokesperson, consultant, advisor or expert for clients such as The American Council on Exercise, NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Training Association), the National Board of Fitness Examiners, Athletic Baby, The Aerobic & Fitness Association of America, National Board of Fitness Examiners, Smuckers, Kellogg, Glaxo Smith Klein, The Watermelon Council and Quaker Oats.

Kelli is available for spokesperson and media opportunities internationally, as well as personal training and grocery shopping tours on a limited basis in the Dallas area. Kelli 's personal mission is to empower individuals with the tools to make health, fitness and wellness a permanent and enjoyable part of their lives.

Mark Baines received his degree in business management in 1993 from Gonzaga University where he also obtained secondary teaching certification in social studies. Mark is completing his Masters degree in exercise science. He holds certifications as a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and holds personal training certifications from the NASM, NESTA, ISSA, and NCCPT.Mark Baines, BBA, CSCS, CPT received his degree in business management in 1993 from Gonzaga University where he also obtained secondary teaching certification in social studies. He currently holds certifications as a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA and holds personal training certifications from the NASM, NESTA, ISSA, and NCCPT. He worked as a teacher, high school basketball coach, cross country and track coach for more than five years before working as a personal trainer and strength coach for the last five years. He taught social studies, English, math and computer applications for four years in Seattle, WA before moving to southern California to train for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Mark ran at the collegiate level at Gonzaga University, but his times fell short of the 2000 U.S. Olympic Trials. He still trains today in the 400 and 800m dash. He now trains independently with his business, One Way 2 Fitness, and works with athletes and non-athletes of all levels. He has been teaching personal training certification courses for the past two years and will continue to teach, coach and instruct in some capacity as long as he is able.



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